Paper Crumple

Paper Crumple

Paper crumpling sound effect.

This pack contains 10 items (different kinds of paper and different page sizes) that would provide a variety of sounds for your projects.

Perfect for advertising, commercials, slideshow, web, trailers, games, logos, youtube, After Effects projects, app, interface, and etc.

Package contains high quality WAV and MP3 (320 kBit/s Stereo) files:

1. Magazine Paper Crumple 0:01

2. Rustle of paper (large) 0:02

3. Newspaper Crumple 0:02

4. Rustle of Paper (small) 0:03

5. Paper Crumple 0:01

6. Paper Crumple (small) 0:01

7. Paper Crumple (in living room) 0:08

8. Paper noise 0:04

9. Newspaper noise 0:05

10. Paper Crumple 0:02

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Good luck with your projects!

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