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Really interesting theme…I love the arrangement and attention to details :)

Best regards, Damir

Thank you so much Damir, glad you like it! :-D

Hey there!

Just wanted to ket you know I just added this track to a collection over on the OhmLab den page. It is a public collection, and is intended on helping give more exposure to those artists within the AudioJungle community I really appreciate and respect. Please stop by when you get a chance to check it out. And don’t forget to rate it!! The more positive ratings it receives, the more people will see it. It’s just one more way I am trying to give back to and help grow the community I am so proud to be a part of.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing more soon.

Cheers, OhmLab

Hi OhmLab!

Thank you very much for adding my track to this great collection! – You picked some really nice audio files.

Thanks for your support. :-)

Cheers, Dan

Very nice theme indeed!

Thanks Douglas! :-)

I love how you timed the watermark with the track haha, well done and congrats for the free file of the month! :)

Thank you so much E-Flex! :D

Cool!!!!Very cool music!

Thanks Yura! Glad you like it. :-)

thats the same I thought when I’m listening the first seconds of this sound.

I got this as free file of the month and its in my privat collection now. When it’ll become a part or an production I’ll buy it to support you and appreciate your work.

thx and cheers,

Thank you so much Dennis! I’m glad you like my work. :-)

I appreciate your kind words! (and your sense for details) ;-)

Awesome track! Just to let you know, I’ve used your music in a little fashion video: http://vimeo.com/visualcreature/intimacy

Keep up the good work!

No, unfortunately. :bashfulcute: I just stumbled over some of your photo series and recognized her. :-) Beautiful pictures!

Haha thank you. She’s a wonderful model to work with :)

You are both very talented. :-)

Very cool track. Chill at it’s best ;)

Thank you so much urbazon! Baš mi je drago da ti se svi?a! ;-)

This is a trip, mate! We are in Cinquequarti’s studio, no talking, only listening to your amazing performance! Keep it up, friend and good luck!

Thank you so much! :-) I’m glad you like my work.

Is there a license key for free download? How do I give credit if I use this music on my video?

Hi skid38!

No, there’s no license key for a free download. You can download a licence certificate for files you purchased in your profiles download section.

You could display the authors name at the start or end of your video to credit the author.

If you upload your videos to Youtube, Vimeo or other video sharing/social networking sites, you could add credits about the music in the description of the video, saying that the music is created by the particular author and include a link to the authors file on AudioJungle.

More information about licenses can be found at http://audiojungle.net/licenses/faq or via http://support.envato.com or in the forums.

Best!!!!!!!!!Very cool music!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much George! :-)

Congratulations, Dan, you Master!

Thank you so much! :bigsmile:

I have tried to download it twice and each time it won’t play in any player, keeps saying it is corrupted.

Hi desertowl!

That’s strange! I tried it just a minute ago and it works fine for me.

Can you provide some more details please?

What OS are you using?

What Browser have you used to download the zip file?

What player have you used to open the music files?

Have you tried to open both audio files (MP3 and WAV) and are both files corrupt?

Do both files have the correct file extension?

Can you open the readme.rtf or is the text file inside the zip corrupt too?

If the included text file is damaged too, your Browser probably messed up the zip file during the download. Please try downloading the zip with another Browser and check if you can open the text file.

You should also contact the support team and tell them about this strange issue. (and include some more informations please, they might need the details about OS/Browser/etc. too)

And please use the contact form on my profile page if you need support, as I don’t get notified when someone post a “comment” on one of my files. (I just stumbled over your comment by accident a couple minutes ago, actually) When you use the contact form, I get notified by email and can answer your questions directly!

Thanks, Dan

Awesome! Even the “watermark” is in sync! I’m impressed! :)

Thank you so much, Robert! ;-)

Thanks Dan, what a beautiful piece of music! Thank YOU!

I have a cool idea for a short video, and I really hope to use your work of art as the back drop ambiance ..with credits to you of course!

With wishes ~ V

You’re welcome, thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you like that track. :-) I’d love to see your final production – in case it’s not a private video, of course! ;-)

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I’ve used it as one of my main theme in a short film, which is very good in building up the mood! The short film has just received two awards, and I published it on youtube, see above, Thanks!

Thank’s for sharing the link, Jonndhu! And congrats on your awards, of course! ;-)