Night Driver

Night Driver

Night Driver - 1

‘Night Driver’ – is modern synthwave / retrowave electronic soundtrack with late 80s and early 90s electronica feel. The song has the rush of a drive race in a game, the neon colors of the fast lane, the light trails that the tail lights leave behind and the adrenaline sensation that the high speeds cause. Main instruments: vintage beautiful melodic arp, pulsating deep bassline, powerful energetic rhythm, lush saturated synths, distorted rise bass, bright lead, atmospheric strong pad, and harmonized robotic male vocal.

ZIP contains: 5 WAV & Mp3 audio files:

  • Night Driver (original version) – [3:11];
  • Night Driver (light version) – [3:11] – less sounds and distortion;
  • Night Driver (instrumental version) – [3:11] – without vox;
  • Night Driver (light instrumental version) – [3:11] – less sounds and distortion, no vocal;
  • Night Driver (short instrumental version) – [1:21].

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Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, party festivals, old background videos, videohive video projects, presentations and openers, retro commercials and business presentations, retro-futuristic films, animations and games, drive at night or into the sunset movies, midnight car racing videos, inspiring advertising, youtube and vimeo movies (scientific, technologies, space, etc.), travel or summer video clips, documentary, slide show, neon videos, and many more visual video projects, where need high-quality 80’s background Royalty Free Music.

Night Driver - 2 Night Driver - 3 Night Driver - 4 Night Driver - 5

Night driver

My wheels were on fire
With wild roar
I wasn’t excited
Just drove, drove

Car windshield was broken
On road of fight
There everything sparkled
That night, night

Night Driver - 6

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