News Theme

News Theme


Corporate news music with a modern beat and a tv media vibe for report projects, business or breaking news videos.
It engage audience with it’s strong energetic feel, active confident atmosphere and a dynamic broadcast vibe.
Modern punchy beat, a mix of synthesizers and epic orchestral instruments creates a bright confident vibe.
This corporate news theme will really set the tone for any commercial videos or television promo movies.
Track Mood & Features Mood: it’s energetic and confident, bright music, dynamic and commercial.
Features: electronic beat, a mix of synths and orchestral instruments, media atmosphere.
Suited For… It is a commercial tv news theme, this could provide a great background instrumental track for a wide range of project work including:

  • Breaking news intro
  • TV news opening
  • Youtube announcement videos
  • Media broadcast
  • Tv commercial \ advertising
  • Business report opener
  • Political show and much more!

News Theme:

Two formats provided with your download, MP3 files (320kb/s) and WAV files (44.1k Hz). There are five individual files in the pack:
  • News Theme – 2:20
  • Minute Mix – 1:05, (2:21 in preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:35, (3:26 in preview).
  • Loop Short – 0:15, (4:02 in preview).
  • Loop Full – 1:14, (4:18 in preview).
This track available as a flexible music kit: News Theme Kit
Logo variation: News Theme Logo