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Thanks for the great music! Here’s how we used it in our production:

Love it! Thanks so much for the purchase and continued support! God bless you guys :)

Tim, Great work as always!!! Hope all is well with you and Khaili these days….Take care.

Hey there Eric! :) Man, you’ve been around since the beginning… and have been a continual support and blessing to me. Thanks for all of your support, it means the world :) Me and K are wonderful, thanks!

Perfect work! So powerful and romantic at the same time!! :)

Really cool song!

Thanks friend, appreciate it :)

Love this song! Perfect for my testvideo with the Phantom 2. Great job :-)

very fascinating piano. Goog work.

Hi Tim!

Awesome work! I actually heard this song on the bluehost webhosting commercials on Youtube. Congrats buddy!

Here’s where I saw it:

When I heard it, I immediately recognized it.

Great work once again!

Ah, good catch my friend :) Thanks for letting me know, and for the kind words!

masterpiece of modernity

Thanks for the kind words :)

Awesome :) Thanks so much for the purchase and support!

Tim, this is beyond great. Will definitely be using it in one of my next projects.

Sounds awesome :) and thanks for the purchase! Just let me know when it’s live so I can add it to the collection for this song.

Thanks for the great music!! To fit in this music has created a time-lapse movie on the theme of Mount Fuji in Japan!

Wow!! What an amazing project! Extremely beautiful and I see that took quite some time to shoot. Thanks for licensing my music, and crediting me, I truly appreciate it :)

You are in my new short movie :) : Best music ever !!!!

Wow! That was really great:) I just had the chance to watch it right now. Shot really great!! Thanks for licensing my music and crediting me, I very much appreciate it!

I’m glad you like it :) This is normal for a fiction to credit the author of the music ;) I currently trying to adapt “Batman vs Predator” in short movie. I would probably digging again in your music.

Hey there Tim, love the song and using in my company promo. I do have one question though. At 1:51 there seems to be an abrupt shift in tone, is it possible that the segway to the modern style was mismatched, it sounds like a knife cut or splice or something? It seemed off to me. Other than that I am completely in love with it :)

Thanks very much for the purchase and the feedback!

The change in musical direction at 1:51 was indeed intentional. As the song is a fusion between classical instruments and modern synthesized effects there are some transitions that may seem a little unusual; but it was on purpose. At that particular point, where the song seems like it should erupt into something louder, the opposite is done – there is a low rumbling bass drop off followed by an arrpegiated synth. The idea was make things a little more exciting with the unexpected change of direction.

Of course there is also the possibility of a corrupt file which happens from time to time when people download and something strange does happen, but that’s probably unlikely here.

Thanks again! :)

Excellent composition! Professionally!

Thank you :)

Hello Tim!

The following is a link to the promo I used this song in:

Fantastic work, sir. And thanks again!

A very beautiful work :) Thanks for using my work, I’ve added your project to my song collections page Best wishes with your future projects! I don’t know why I got a copyright violation report. I’d like to have it taken care of, please. License purchased and used normally.

Hello, I’m very sorry for any trouble! Typically we can help to get these flags fixed very quickly through AdRev (their system automatically detects use and doesn’t know you have a license), however they are very short staffed at the moment due to CODVID-19. I have reached out by e-mail to speed things along as much as possible. In the meantime, since you have a license you will be able to dispute the claim directly on youtube in your account by claiming you have the rights to use it. I will update you here once I’ve head back from Adrev. You can also reach out to if you would like to talk outside of the comments here. Thank you for your purchase and understanding!

Hello again, I just wanted to follow up to let you know that I have now spoken with AdRev personally and they will be looking at the video tomorrow. I’m very sorry for much slower than normal turn around on this, so many businesses are now very short staffed. If the notice has not already been removed, it will within the next few days. Thank you!