Metal Drop

Metal Drop

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Metal Drop!

Recorded and Designed Metal Drop Sound can be used for Metal Trailer Drop, Iron Anvil Hammer Impact, Metal Debris Drop, Steel Impact, Sword Hit, Epic Drum Impact with Reverberation
Please let me know if you want any changes in Metal Drop Sounds like change timings for animation, make similar sounds and even full pack of new sounds!
Please use Metal Drop Sounds for Cartoons, Games, Film, Internet or any other commercial and non-commercial projects

List of Sounds:

Metal Drop 01 – 0:01
Metal Drop 02 – 0:01
Metal Drop 03 – 0:01
Metal Drop 04 – 0:01
Metal Drop 05 – 0:01
Metal Drop 06 – 0:01
Metal Drop 07 – 0:01
Metal Drop 08 – 0:01
Metal Drop 09 Reverb – 0:01
Metal Drop 10 Reverb – 0:01

Metal Drop Zip contains both wav and mp3 high quality stereo sounds
If you want to use Metal Drop in several projects, please buy a multi-use license
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