This is a pack of 5 acoustic tunes that have a mellow and dreamy feeling:

Deep Thoughts

DeepThoughts_Ending.WAV (1:39) DeepThoughts_Loop.WAV (1:36)

Hope Faith and Peace

HopeFaithAndPeace_Ending.WAV (2:14) HopeFaithAndPeace_Loop.WAV (2:07)

Heading Home

HeadingHome_Ending.WAV: (2:03) HeadingHome_Loop.WAV: (1:58)

Whither We Are Bound

WhitherWeAreBound_Ending.WAV: (2:02) WhitherWeAreBound_Loop.WAV: (1:57)

Dream Waltz

DreamWaltz_Ending.WAV (1:17) DreamWaltz_Loop.WAV (1:12)

Deep Thoughts:

Driving and hypnotic, this song is at once mellow because of the acoustic nature, but also powerful with simple, repetitive power chords. A little bit dark and yet very positive and hopeful at the same time. Perfect for background music for embarking on a new adventure with feelings of challenge and eventual success.

Hope, Faith and Peace:

This track drives but is at the same time mellow and emotional. Combining picked and strummed acoustic guitar with a piano and electronic instruments, this song evokes feelings of peace and hope of good things to come. It’s slightly introspective, but in a confident way.

Heading Home:

Moderately to slow paced but driving, this song builds from a simple fingerpicked guitar and ukulele, building to a wall of hypnotic sound but also moving into a melodic and memorable chorus driven by a retro electric piano. Mellow but with a feeling of movement, this song has a sense of nostalgia and a happy ending, even a little bit romantic in a positive and comforting way.

Whither We Are Bound:

Introspective and driving, this track evokes the feeling of movement toward something unknown, maybe with a little apprehension but with a great deal of courage. Driven by a train rhythm, a fingerpicked acoustic guitar and a piano, this song is mellow but powerful.

Dream Waltz:

Mellow, dreamy, and contented while a little bit dark and strange, this track is like an interesting dream that takes you to good places you think you might remember. Driven by piano and lightly plucked ukulele, this tune drives in waltz time.


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