Marker & Paper SFX Pack

Marker & Paper SFX Pack

“Marker & Paper SFX Pack”is a sound effect pack with sounds of marker pens and objects that are pushed around on paper, as well as a few bing sounds to attract attention.

These sound effects are ideal for PowerPoint presentations, videos, movies, etc.

28 Sound effects are included:
Draw Arrow (0:01)
Draw Chain Dotted Line long (0:01)
Draw Chain Dotted Line short Draw Circle large (0:01)
Draw Circle small (0:01)
Draw Line Long inverse (0:01)
Draw Line Long (0:01)
Draw Line short (0:01)
Draw Rectangle Large (0:02)
Draw Rectangle Small (0:01)
Move Object 1 inverse (0:01)
Move Object 1 (0:01)
Move Object 2 inverse (0:01)
Move Object 2 (0:01)
Move Object 3 inverse (0:01)
Move Object 3 (0:01)
Scribble Long inverse (0:01)
Scribble Long (0:01)
Scribble Short (0:01)
Tick Off with bing (0:01)
Tick Off (0:01)
Writing Textline long (0:01)
Writing Textline medium (0:01)
Writing Textline short (0:01)
Bing High (0:01)
Bing Low (0:01)
Ding Dong (0:01)
Dong Ding (0:01)

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This sound effect pack has been used in the following templates:

                Whiteboard PowerPoint Toolkit from ercn1903

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Customers using my music:

Sony Mobile and many many others!

Customers using my music:

All kind of known and unknown companies like Sony Mobile, McDonald’s, Qatar Airlines, many Youtubers, NGO’s, filmmakers, photographers, video editors all around the world, global organizations like the World Health Organization, etc…