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Wow! Excellent! Well done!

Hi Alisiya, I’m glad you like it! I really love your piano compositions, too! :)

Very Positive Song!!! :P

Thank you Sneshok, I really appreciate it! Great portfolio BTW! :)

I tried real hard not to listen to this song at least for a couple of days, but it didn’t work. It’s just so addictive :D You are awesome, dude! Keep it up!

Ha Ha, sorry about that! Thanks man! :)

Nice music. Good luck.

Thank you DFMG, I appreciate it, and best of luck to you, too! :)

Excellent music. Wish you a lot of sales.

Hey Jay, thanks for checking it out! Best of luck to you as well! :)

Wow! Very positive and energetic track. Excellent quality ;)

Thanks for listening D-Music, I appreciate it! :)

WOW!I love guitar in this song and voice – so sweet) Sing it all day :sing: I’m Ola)

Hi, and thanks Ola! I saw your performance with VODA, very cool! :)

Very Energetic Work! :)

Thank you STproduction, I really appreciate it!

MEGA song!!! Uplifting, can’t stop playing it last one hour!! :D Amazing!

GhostArt, thanks a lot for checking it out!

Nice…let’s party!...haha

Thanks Iris!

Hey man! I used your great track in my project, check it out http://videohive.net/item/active-photo-presentation/7592611

Hey Vollut, thank you so much! The project looks amazing, I’ll get a link up ASAP, and best of luck with sales!

Thanks Difourks!

It’s soooooo hard to find great music what has great vocals as well. Thanks so much, I used it in the following video and the song contributed a lot to the overall feel! https://youtu.be/fbuQjkXLmHw

Hi jposte, awesome video! I was lucky enough to visit NZ once, if I get to go again I’ll want to try sandboarding!

Great track! And congrats on being featured author of the week! :)

I really like the way you’ve done your profile page, too!

Hi James, thank you for checking it out!

Thank you Max!

I was really wanting the 60 sec track that had just the Let’s Go and not the rest of the lyrics. You have it as a sample on here but it doesn’t come with it after I paid for it and downloaded it. Could I get that possibly?

Definitely! It should be in there, I will double check. If you give me your email I will send the file later today.

Hi, I double checked the preview and what is in the preview is in the download. There isn’t a 60 second version with just the Let’s Go vocals. If you can’t edit it I can try to do it for you, but I will still need your email address. Thanks!

Hello, we got an information from YouTube in the morning, that “AdRev for Rights Holder” declares a violation because of the music we use. Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv5HXr-comk

In this video we use your music track we’ve licenced from you via audiojungle.

What is wrong with the usage of the track in the video?

Hi Stefan, I tried to reply a few days ago but it looks like it didn’t go through. I contacted AdRev and white-listed your video so you should have no further issues with them. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your purchase!

Hello! In my video rights Audio I bought is being claimed . Could you please release me ? https://youtu.be/cs13uJkosoc

All taken care of, sorry for the trouble!

is this used with any video templates?

Hi Christina, Do you mean as a demo?

I think so, I would have to search for it.