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Really nice groove!!

Amazing loop, and spanish temperament ! good work

Maybe it´s because im spanish. jajaja

Thank´s man

Yeah.. I guess only Spanish can do these great things.. :) Excellent work, Miguel !

thank you very much Sergei!!! your compositions are great…

Good luck

My girlfriend is using this loop to teach me the basics of the latin rhythm.. it’s so hard! haha :D

OOHHH !!!, that´s really nice. Yes, latin rithms are complicated but it´s just work hard on it.


Have a nice day.

Hi, there is a little problem stopping me from buying this music track. It doesn’t have a proper end. It’s just roughtly cut at the end (sounds pretty weird). Could you please fix this problem? Thank you in advance.

Hi golde_axe!

Yes i understand but the problem is that i made this track for play it as a loop, so without end… for play continued. I was thinking to make it also with ending but im now out of my studio for a couple of weeks :( Sorry i will try to fix it… Thank you very much for listen to my music