Kitchen Sounds Pack

Kitchen Sounds Pack

Kitchen Sounds Pack consists of 24 sounds :

1.Water Faucet – 0:30 Excelent tape of Water Faucet.You can hear how water flows from the open tap,then the tap is closed and water ceases to flow

2.Scrambled Egg – 1:21 Excelent quality tape of Scrambled egg.You can hear how egg breaks on pan and then fry.

3.Microwave – 0:26 Good quality tape of microwave work.You can hear how microwave starts and working with a specific sound then stops with high tone signals signaling the work is over.

4.Pour Water in a Glass – 0:11 Excelent tape of Pour Water in a Glass.You can hear how water pouring in a glass.

5.Fridge – 1:40 Excelent quality tape of fridge at work.You can hear his monotony noisy deep voice

6.The Clink of Wine Glasses – 0:01, 0:04 The Clink of Wine Glasses tape. 2 variations.

7.Tea Stirring – 0:06 Tea Stirring record with a ringing sound of cup.

8.Gurgling Sink – 0:08

9.Boiling Kettle – 2:45

10.Open and Close Kitchen Cupboard – 0:01, 0:01 2 sounds.

11.Knives – 0:10 Excelent tape of knives.You can hear how knives sharpering in contact with each other.

12.Kitchen Hood – 0:36 Excelent tape of Kitchen Hood.You can hear how kitchen hood starts working with a monotony heavy noisy sound and the it stops.

13.Cutlery Search – 0:16 Cutlery Search tape.You can hear clink of spoons,forks and knives.

14.Dripping Faucet – 0:41 Dripping Faucet tape.You can hear how drops dripping into sink.

15.Roasting 2 – 0:59 Meat roasting on the pan recording.

16.Roasting – 0:57 Meat roasting on the pan recording.

17.Dripping Faucet 2 – 1:02 Dripping Faucet tape.You can hear how drops dripping to sink.

18.Shimmering Water – 0:08 Shimmering,gurgling Water tape.You can hear how water is poured from one container to another

19.Cutting Vegetables – 0:09 Cutting Vegetables by knife on wooden serface.

20.Ketchup – 0:09 Squeezing ketchup with a characteristic squirt sound.

21.Meat Roasting – 2:07 Meat Roasting tape.You can hear how meat is getting ready on the pan.