Just Trance Kit

Just Trance Kit

This is a short, razor sharp track that is perfect for punctuating videos on heavy themes difficult circumstances. A great choice for difficult situation videos including dangerous street clips, video blogs, news reports, WorldStar type content and terror updates. A modern groove and pumping rhythm add a layer of depth to your project, no matter how serious the content or grainy the footage may be. Also works very well with extreme sports and GoPro video content.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: https://audiojungle.net/item/just-trance/22031574

Used lot of synth, synth bass, drums, percussion, dubstep sounds, fx.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro (0:08) Main mood based

02_Base (0:08) Main bass mood

03_Base_Break (0:08) Main bass mood, break at end

04_Verse01 (0:08) Theme 01

05_Verse01_Break (0:08) Theme 01 break at end

06_Verse02 (0:08) Theme 02

07_Base_Dub (0:08) Main bass mood, dub sounds added

08_Verse02_Hat (0:08) Theme 02, main hat added

09_Verse02_Hat_Break (0:08) Theme 02, main hat added, break at end

10_Verse03 (0:08) Theme 03

11_Verse03_Break (0:08) Theme 03 break at end

12_Verse02_Dub (0:08) Theme 02, dub sounds added

13_Verse02_Dub_Break (0:08) Theme 02, dub sounds added, break at end

14_Base_Dub (0:08) Main bass mood, dub sounds added

15_Base_Dub_Break (0:08) Main bass mood, dub sounds added, break at end

16_Verse01_Dub (0:08) Theme 01 dub sounds added

17_Verse01_Dub_Break (0:08) Theme 01 dub sounds added, break at end

18_Outro01 (0:08) Main mood based

19_Outro01_Break (0:08) Main mood based, break at end

20_Outro02 (0:08) Main mood based, filtered

21_FinalCrash (0:04) Pumping crash

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:44

Demo02_Short – 1:56