Inspiring Pack 7

Inspiring Pack 7


This is relaxing, romantic, cinematic music pack. Perfect for any wonderful and touching wedding, marketing and/or storytelling projects that aims to impress people with a product, presentation, slideshow or any beautiful footage!

Used Instruments: Piano and Strings.

Inspirational Beauty

includes 5 versions:

Inspirational Beauty – Main Track (2:33)

Inspirational Beauty – no Orchestra (2:32)

Inspirational Beauty – Short version (1:31)

Inspirational Beauty – no Orchestra Short version (1:31)

Inspirational Beauty – Ident version (0:39)

Inspirational Slideshow

includes 5 versions:

Inspirational Slideshow – Main Track (2:33)

Inspirational Slideshow – Piano only (2:34)

Inspirational Slideshow – Short version (1:16)

Inspirational Slideshow – Piano only Short version (1:17)

Inspirational Slideshow – Ident version (0:38)

Inspiring Cinematic Piano

includes 5 versions:

Inspiring Cinematic Piano – Full Track (2:14)

Inspiring Cinematic Piano – Lite version (2:16)

Inspiring Cinematic Piano – Without Piano (2:09)

Inspiring Cinematic Piano – Piano only (2:16)

Inspiring Cinematic Piano – Main Theme (0:45)


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