Inspiring Kit

Inspiring Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Inspiring.

A thoughtful, piano-driven piece that feels like the birth of an idea. With warm strings and a touch of acoustic guitar. Great for photo slide shows, corporate videos and all your other video needs. Please see included documents for instructions to best utilize these kits.

What’s included:

Demo track 1 (2:14), Demo Track 2 (0:46), Demo Track 3 (1:04)

Track Sections:

01_Intro (0:06)
2-note piano motif that sets up the piece

02_IntroHalf (0:03)
Intro section, half length

03_Verse1 (0:26)
Piano only main theme, first cycle

04_Verse1_Short (0:06)
Verse 1 short piece that can be used as a vamp, breakdown, to lengthen arrangement

05_Verse2 (0:26)
Main theme, building with strings and acoustic guitar

06_Verse2_NoGuitar (0:26)
Verse 2, only piano and strings

07_Verse2_Piano (0:26)
Verse 2, only piano

08_Verse3 (0:26)
Main theme, building further emotionally

09_Verse3_NoGuitar (0:26)
Verse 3, only piano and strings

10_Verse3_Piano (0:26)
Verse 3, only piano

11_Breakdown (0:26)
Quiet breakdown, slight build back up at end with guitar

12_Breakdown_NoGuitar (0:26)
Breakdown, only piano

13_Verse4 (0:26)
Main theme, at its emotional peak

14_Verse4_NoGuitar (0:26)
Verse 4, only piano and strings

15_Verse4_Piano (0:26)
Verse 4, only piano

16_Outro (0:16)
Outro section, breaking down towards end, piano and guitar

17_Outro_Piano (0:16)
Outro, only piano

18_Ending (0:03)
Last note of song

19_Ending_Piano (0:03)
Last note, only piano

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