Insane & Bad Trap Pack

Insane & Bad Trap Pack

This is bad trap beats pack.

Style: Trap, Hip-Hop, EDM
Mood: Cars, night, party, dance, gangsta, mad, aggressive,

This music pack includes 4 music folders with different versions and loop (wav & mp3) in zip file: Diplodocus – Epic Trap
This Orchestral Trap track will be perfect for your action movies. Massive brasses and violins of this track helps to create the imagination of bad gyes with guns. This track will be perfect for action game and race.

  • Diplodocus – Orchestral Trap Main – 2:59
  • Diplodocus – Orchestral Trap Short – 1:21
  • Diplodocus – Orchestral Trap Logo – 0:20
Diplodocus – Twerk Machine
Great for movies with cars and girls)
  • Diplodocus – Twerk Machine (Extended Mix) – 2:26
  • Diplodocus – Twerk Machine – 1:33
Diplodocus – Fashion Trap Racing Beat
Twerk trap beat with elements of orchestral trumpets & Big Room. Sound in DJ Snake style! Huge Sub Bass and drums sound are groovy and punchy. Traditional pluck in Big Room style makes imagination of huge festival stage. You can use this track in your advertising, sport cars test drive movies, racing games, logos and etc.
  • Diplodocus – Bass Trap – 2:40
  • Diplodocus – Bass Trap No Vox – 2:40
  • Diplodocus – Bass Trap Loop 1 – 0:19
  • Diplodocus – Bass Trap Loop 2 – 0:19
Diplodocus – Gangsta Hip-Hop Trap
Big gangsta orchestral trap banger! This cool Trap Muzik will makes your media content more dangerous B) This track include orchestral instruments as staccato viollas and massive brasses, horns. It’s will be perfect for your action movies and action games, race.
  • Diplodocus – Gangsta Trap – 1:11 (Mini Mix)
  • Diplodocus – Gangsta Trap – 2:44 (Extended Mix)
  • Diplodocus – Gangsta Trap – 1:50 (2nd Mix)
  • Diplodocus – Gangsta Trap – 1:50 (2nd Mix No Vox Choir)