Infographic Pack

Infographic Pack


50 SOUNDS! ,Infographic Sound Effects Pack. Please, see simular packs, it’s profitable for you:
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Infographic Sound Effects
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Infographic Sound Effects Pack is a big pack of 50 various sounds like: notification,announcement, message, report, warning, registration, enrolment, confirmation, pop-up, pops,click, tap, mobile keyboard tapping, , positive and negative actions, beep, ringtone, noises, errors, bells sfx, computer mouse click, drop fx, arcade sounds, glitch sound, button, logos. He is very varied, pack of fx sounds suitable for a media projects such as cartoons, movies and game production as well as for sound design to sofware and presentations.

Tracklist of sounds (wav and mp3 in zip):

Applause (0:02)
Clock (0:01)
Marker (0:01)
Positiva Action (0:01)
Fall Down (0:01)
Water Pour (0:01)
Rise Up (0:01)
Up (0:01)
Hi-Tech Transition (0:01)
Button Bubbles (0:01)
Pop Down (0:01)
Accept (0:01)
Modern Transition (0:01)
Double Whoosh (0:01)
Bubbles Apeear (0:01)
Score Increase (0:01)
Bells Notification (0:01)
Modern Pop Whoosh (0:01)
Transition Modern (0:01)
Bubbles (0:01)
Pop (0:01)
Pop Up (0:01)
A Modern Tranistion (0:01)
Infographic Action (0:01)
Diamond (0:01)
Glitch Transition (0:01)
Interface Click (0:01)
Plop (0:01)
Plops (0:01)
Acces Denied (0:01)
Pop Buttonn (0:01)
Bubbles Transition (0:01)
Futuristic Whoosh (0:01)
Paper (0:01)
Alarm (0:01)
Modern Click (0:01)
Futuristic Swoosh (0:01)
Transition Glitch (0:01)
Bubbles Whoosh (0:01)
Cartoon Whoosh (0:01)
Tap (0:01)
Interface Button (0:01)
Pop Appear (0:01)
Pop Action (0:01)
Futuristic Click (0:01)
Finger Snap (0:01)
Pop Click (0:01)
Tap Button (0:01)
Mouse Click (0:01)
Button (0:01)

Note! If you need to apply any changes to the sounds just e-mail me and I’ll do my best!

Note! If you will use this Infographic Sound Effects Pack in several project, please, choose the multi-use license.