Indie Folk Kit

Indie Folk Kit

Indie Folk is an indie folk-pop item with acoustic guitars and vocals. It’s warm record for road trip or travel adventure. Good for different kind of projects where need the background folk and cool acoustic guitar music. Based on my original AudioJungle item: Indie Folk

Three demos are included:
Demo_1: A full version 2:29
Demo_2: A middle version 1:33
Demo_3: A 0:36 – second version, ideal for commercials.

Track sections included in this download:
01_Fade_In (0:03)
02_Intro_P1 (0:08)
03_Intro_P2 (0:08)
04_Intro_P3 (0:08)
05_Verse_P1 (0:08)
06_Verse_P2 (0:08
07_Verse_P3 (0:08)
08_Chorus_P1 (0:08)
09_Chorus_P2 (0:08)
10_Chorus_P3 (0:08)
11_Chorus_P4 (0:08)
12_ Verse_2_P1 (0:08)
13_ Verse_2_P2 (0:08)
14_ Verse_2_P3 (0:08)
15_Chorus_2_P1 (0:08)
16_Chorus_2_P2 (0:08)
17_Chorus_2_P3 (0:08)
18_Chorus_2_P4 (0:08)
19_Ending (0:04)

Also included in the download is additional documentation on how to use this Music Kit. Enjoy!