Indie Alt Rock Pack

Indie Alt Rock Pack

This pack contains three uplifting and inspirational Indie and Alt Rock tracks all produced to the highest standards. Each track has been crafted with ultra modern guitar, bass and drum production in the styles of U2, Coldplay, Neon Trees, The Killers, The Temper Trap, and many more of the top pop rock groups of today. On top of this, each of the three uptempo tracks comes with multiple edits so that you can find the perfect version to fit your needs.

If you are in need of a high energy modern rock vibe for your next commercial, film, video presentation, or corporate spot at a great price you’ve come to the right place.

Indie Rock Revolution

1. Full Version 2:55

5. no lead 2:55 (begins at 2:55 of the preview) – The No Lead Version is another great variation that is slightly more laid back in the choruses.

2. 1 minute 1:04 (begins at 5:49 of the preview)

3. 30 second 0:31 (begins at 6:53 of the preview)

4. verses only 1:24 (begins at 7:24 of the preview) -The verses only version is great if you want something more laid back and relaxed

Dare To Dream

1. Full Version 2:48 (begins at 8:48 of the preview)

2. 15 second cut 0:15 (begins at 11:36 of the preview)

3. 30 second cut 0:30 (begins at 11:50 of the preview)

4. 1 minute cut 1:00 (begins at 12:21 of the preview)

5. Loop edit 0:28 (begins at 13:21 of the preview)

Rock Ignition

1. Full Version: 2:48 (begins at 13:50 of the preview)

2. 1 Minute Version: 0:58 (starts at 16:38 in the preview)

3. 30 seconds: 0:30 (starts at 17:36 in the preview)

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