Hurry Up

Hurry Up

Hurry Up

style of 1) Hybrid-Cinematic
style of 2) Hybrid-Cinematic + Ballroom-Waltz
style of 3) Hybrid-Cinematic loop
style of 4) Ballroom-Waltz

Suitable with thrilling dark games and movies

Version 2 ends with a Ballroom-Theme (Vienna Waltz) Reminding me of some movies where the music changes suddenly into a totaly different style during the end credits.

The Preview-File contains:

  • Hurry Up (0:00 – 3:11)
  • Hurry Up – extended (3:12 – 6:56)

The Zip-File contains:

  • 1. Hurry Up – 3:11
  • 2. Hurry Up – extended – 3:43
  • 3. Hurry Up – loop – 0:54 (2:03 – 2:58)
  • 4. Hurry Up – Ballroom – 0:45 (2:58 – 0:43)

MP3 and WAV included




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