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Cool song Alkis. Amazing mix.

Thanks odeniz! Liking your videohive items, keep it up.

Great mix, you have qualities like that of Glitch Mob and other IDM originals. Keep doing what you’re doing :sunglasses:

Adam this is one of the best compliments I could get. Thanks so much! “Crying over pros for no reason” was a revelation to my ears. Cheers!

excellent track!

Thank you!

Great project odeniz, thanks for using this track.

Man, this is AMAZING. I might just have to purchase this sometime soon.

Josh thanks a lot, it’s nice hearing such comments from fellow authors.

I just heard this sound in a Sony Behind the scenes video of one of their new commercials and I knew I’ve heard this sound before! ;-) Great job

That’s absolutely great, and thanks so much for letting me know Flwe!

OMG, it’s amazing!

Thanks a lot Alex, glad you like it! Loving your portfolio by the way, great job.

Your track is just absolute magic! I couldn’t help using it in my new project that you can see here: http://videohive.net/item/not-like-all-the-others/6508281 You are such a talented author! :)

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’ll contact you via e-mail as well and will include this in my portfolio. Cheers.

Thank you! I like your “Dance” track. Pumping.

Man, this is amazing! You should sell it on iTunes haha

Maybe some day I will (not this track, but this kind of genre)!

Looks very cool and suits the music! Thanks for using my track on this. I’ll add it in the description.

grr… why the song used by preview is not at the download? How can i get the 9:49 version?

Hello. Thanks for your purchase. There is no 9:49 version, 9:49 is the length of all 5 versions and file lengths. If this is not what you wanted to purchase, you could contact support@envato.com and maybe ask for a refund.

Kind regards, alkis

Great job. Congratulations!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for this amazing music, my friend! :) It fit perfect for my latest project. http://videohive.net/item/28-hipster-titles-lowerthirds/9257461

Thanks so much for the support! Awesome project, lovin the typography and the precise shapes.

Thanks so much, I appreciate the support!

Congrats for 1k sold licences! No doubt that this awesome track deserves a sunny place at the top of the bestseller charts. And it inspired me to write “The Beauty of Technology” 1,5 years ago… :) Cheerio!

Woah what a compliment! Thank you so much man, I appreciate your encouragement. Hadn’t noticed the 1k, that’s super cool!

Hi, great track, unfortunatly it seems to clip a bit (at least in PremierePro, where I use it) Is it possible that you send me a version with a lower dB? Thanks in advance!

Hey! I’m so sorry for the delay! Could you please message me through my profile page? I’ll send you any edits you need.

nice track! and I’ve used it in my project here: https://videohive.net/item/hi-tech-background6-pack/19039512

thanks so much!