Human Beatbox

Human Beatbox

Human beatboxing – Vocasl only! 4 crazy people doing tight urban human beatboxing.

Human Beatbox

Human Beatbox

Simple and understated yet very cool and catchy beatboxing track – full energy, coolness, craziness and creative positive vibes.

A powerful human beat Hip Hop track that keeps building around a punchy beat and catchy humming and a “slap on the cheeks” melody.. Simple but with the hooks you have been looking for.

Included Files

There are 3 versions in the zip. (wav and mp3)

● 01. Human Beatbox Original: 1:13
● 02. Human Beatbox Edit: 0:28
● 03. Human Beatbox Short: 0:16

Track Features

Featuring 4 guys doing a tight and punchy human beat that gives you that urban hip hop vibe that would sit perfectly in the hype reel of a teaser, a vlog, blog, youtube video or TV Pilot.

Backed by human humming and mouth sound effects that build and create tension followed by the pause for relief creating that feel of energy and “live jamming”.

Other “instruments” include human bass sound, “slap on the cheeks” and finger snaps.

The track has plenty of breathing space and break downs to isolate “instruments/sounds” that solo giving you creative freedom to mix it up to suit your needs.

Perfect For…

● Urban Advertising
● Young TV Commercials
● Street Videos
● Cool YouTube Channels
● Fashion Promotion
● Hip Hop Teasers
● Rough Pilot pieces

Any project that needs a good dose of a old-school party and “urban power vibe” and that feel-good “street” energy will come to life with the Crazy Tunes Human Beatboxing.

Human Beatbox

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Human Beatbox