Horror Trailer Pack

Horror Trailer Pack

Horror Trailer Pack is a set of highest class cinematic tracks. Each of them is worthy of sound in a Hollywood movie advertisement. Creepy and dark atmosphere in every track. You are covered in horror and fear. Nerves to the limit. It’s hard to hold back your emotions. These tracks are written in a teaser format – a short commercial. Each of them inspires death and horror. It causes terrible trepidation and makes you scream all the way. There are secrets and notes of a silent nightmare. Meeting with a monster or supernatural. The atmosphere of ghosts and horror.

  1. “Horror Trailer is cinematic music. Mysterious and creepy. A minimum number of music tools creates darkness atmosphere. This work is well suited for a scary teaser or trailer.
  2. “The Teaser” is musical action movie. Aggressive sound. Sensation of anxiety and impending end. Good for a trailer and movie preview. Energetic and dark slasher. Brings a feeling of readiness for an epic battle..
  3. “Power Trailer” is good choice for your blockbuster movie. Aggressive cinematic track. Sound builds up with every beat. It has dark and creepy mood. Suitable for the trailer like a “War of the Worlds” or “Nuclear blast”. Contains sub bass. Powerful punches.
This music pack includes: Instruments:
  • Piano
  • Cello
  • Violin and Violas
  • Strings
  • Sub Bass
  • Percussion
  • Explosion
  • Mega Horns
  • Hits
Track can be associated:
  • Horror Teaser
  • Thriller
  • Fear and Death
  • Creepy Story
  • Clown named Pennywise

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