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Hey! - 1

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A real happy optimistic feelgood song to wake up in the morning to. With this uplifting track you can punch the air and everything will be just great!

Features a funky electric piano riff, a retro hammond organ, brass section, guitar solo and lots of HEY!

Get motivated and make someone happy – make them go HEY!

This track is also included in Happy Feelgood Pack – 7 happy, acoustic led, bouncy tracks to put a smile on your face for $60 : Click here to view the pack

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Corporate Music Royalty Free Funk Music With Vocals

I’ve worked as a musician and digital media designer for many years. I have a company, Menagerie, which produces motion graphics, digital design and professional music composition and audio production.

I’ve composed and recorded music for TV, film, advertising and many forms of multimedia for the likes of Orange Telecom, Dr Martens Boots, Lloyds Insurance, amongst hosts of others.

I’ve also recorded with bands and a solo project called Heifervescent that has been running since 2002 has recently produced several top ten creative commons hits on Jamendo with over a quarter million listens in the last year.