Haunted - 1

Dark horror music for your cinematic projects

Haunted is a suspenseful and full of mystery background track that will work nicely in horror and thriller trailers and movies.
Main instruments are a spooky cello, a piano, a glockenspiel, a church organ and an eerie distant choir.
The mood is ominous, mysterious and gloomy.

Given its structure and arrangement, it can be used as background underscore in the beginning of a trailer, when you want to set the dark mood of the movie.

Please note:

on March 4 2017 I added an alternate version of this track: I used a different cello and I slightly changed the arrangement. The mood is still the same, but now you can choose between them  :)

Haunted (Alt Version) (1:24) the first in preview file
Haunted (Original Version) (1:23) the second in preview file

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