Happy Fun Kit

Happy Fun Kit

This Happy Fun Kit is based on my original track:

Happy Fun

Happy Fun – perfect composition for video production with cheerful and carefree feel!

Introducing A Happy – upbeat acoustic track with uplifting and optimistic mood. Featuring playful ukulele,

sweet piano, tiny glockenspiel (bells). Perfect for videos with kids, sunny days, as background music for

marketing vlog and so one. Feel the happiness 

List of tracks that included of this kit:

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

•1)Intro part1 (0:09)

• 2)Intro part2 (0:09)

• 3)Intro part3 (0:09)

• 4)Chorus part1 (0:09)

• 5)Chorus part2(0:09)

• 6)Verse part1 (0:09)

• 7)Verse part2 (0:09)

• 8)Chorus part3 (0:09)

• 9)Chorus part4 (0:09)

• 10)Outro part1 (0:09)

• 11)Outro part2 (0:09)

• 12)LastChord (0:04)

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length

Demo 1 (1:38)

Demo 2 (1:13)

Demo 3 (0:38)

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