Game Sounds Pack 2

Game Sounds Pack 2

The game sounds pack for your games,apps,interface,flash. There are 20 different sounds for different situations :

1.Get point. – 0:01 Bright positive mallet sound to vocalize get points,achievement,right move,jump,and another positive action in game. Also can be used as a notification,interface button.

2.Game over 2 – 0:04 Classic game over melody,signaling the game is over,you lose. Disapoint mood. Good for any mobile,flash games,applications,indie. Also can be used as a notification.

3.Access Denied 2 – 0:01 Short negative sound from fantastic games and movies. Good to use as a negative answer of the fantastic space craft’s door to try to open it.Also can be an error answer to the programm.

4.Laser – 0:01 Quick high tone sound. Lasergun short for your games,animation,cartoon,project.

5.Game Aircraft Flies Away – 0:04 Fantastic aircraft/spacecraft flies away near you. Also can be some flying game subject. Can be usefull for your games,cartoons.

6.Next Level – 0:01 Familliar game sound to vocalize finishing current level and start a new one.

7.Miss 2 – 0:01 Synthesized negative game sound signaling you missed,overshooted,lose,wounded,injured,jumped down or die. Also it can be attension sound to attract attension to something in game,for example it can be a boss emergence,or enemy eccurance. Also can be used as an error notification

8.Get Coin – 0:01 Short hi tone sound to vocalize some positive action in game:get point,get coin,achievement,right answear,win game. Also can be used as a notification.

9.Game Jump – 0:02 Wobbling familliar sound to vocalise jump in game. Classic jump game sound from games like Mario. Also this sound can vocalize flying away.

10.Failure – 0:01 Short electronic negative sfx sound to vocalize some wrong action,miss,game over,error,overshooted,lose,wounded,injured,jumped down or die,access denied. Familiar game sound from games from Sega and Dendi. Also can be used in your interface as a notification.

11.Collect Game Sound – 0:01 Short joyfull metal sound to vocalize getting points,coins,collect some game artefacts. Familiar sound from Dendi and Sega games. This sound is for your games,apps,flash. Also can be used as a interface button.

12.Slithering – 0:01 Short slip slithering game sound seems kiss sound. Good for your game,app,interface,flash. Also can be used in animation to vocalize slipping on the floor,voice some animated character.

13.Game Jump 2 – 0:01 Familliar sound to vocalise jump in game. Classic jump game sound from games like Mario. Also this sound can vocalize flying away.

14.The Repulsive Energy Field – 0:01 The repulsive energy field is a game sound of repulsing from some energy,electric item.

15.Futuristic Sliding Door – 0:01 Futuristic noisy sound of opening some futuristic sliding door on a space ship(for example). Excelent for your games,cartoons,animations to vocalise some opening structure,some unlocking,or maybe sliding wals or another mechanism. Also can be a secret door in game. The sound is in industrial mood,good for futuristic,cosmic,si-fi projects.

16.Wounded Game Monster – 0:01 Short game monster voice sound to vocalize his reaction to hurt him.

17.Lose Game – 0:01 Short digital game notification to vocalize lose game,game ove,failure,fall down miss or another negative action,situation in game. Also can be used a pick up sound to vocalize getting something in game. Also can be used as an interface notfication.

18.Trumpet Win Game – 0 :03 Short otchestral instrumental positive sound,made by trumpete,cellos and tuba.Made to your games to vocalise win game,finishing the game,level complete,bonus or another positive event in game. Also can be used as a positve interface notification.

19.You Lose – 0:01 Short negative notification sfx,signaling you lose,game ove,fail,failure or atother negative action in game.

20.Whoop Game Sound -0:01 Short bubble whip-whoop sound to your games for any using.For example,it can be a pick up button,or getting bonus,or notification,jump,or another action in game.