Game Sound FX bundle

Game Sound FX bundle

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18 effects sound pack for video game, cartoon, animation, flash clip. In the zip file you get the following effects as 18 separate files (in the preview they are situated in the following order):

1. Coilspring1

2. Coilspring2 (higher pitch)

3. Coilspring3 (more attack/squash in the sound)

4. Coin (or any item the hero can pick)

5. Coin Special (or any prize/bonus)

6. Coin Orchestral (or any important item/bonus/upgrade)

7. Creature collision

8. Death1 (one funny sound)

9. Death2 (two sounds layer)

10. Footsteps

11. Hero Drawn1 (water sound going down)

12. Hero Drawn2 (water plus another sound goind down)

13. Jump1

14. Jump2 (with attack sound)

15. Jump3 (higher pitch)

16. Jump4 (the highest pitch)

17. Scores (points counting)

18. Level End (orchestral ending/finish)

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