Funky Pack

Funky Pack


Funky Pack

UPDATE: Now you can find one more Music Pack with similar music here.

Music Pack for show or presentation and other background videos. Groovy and positive mood.

-Total length (long versions + all short): 21:48
-Length of long versions (at the preview): 9:58
-Including WAV + MP3

Included tracks (+ all short & loop versions):

1. Energetic Funky Fashionable Party starts at 0:00
Catchy upbeat track with funky and fashion vibes. You can feel atmosphere of richness, luxury, money, casino, Gatsby style parties or maybe gangsters and mafia.
Main Track 2:39 + Additional 1:07, 1:01, 0:45, 0:26; Tempo: 110

2. Cool Funk starts at 2:39
Bright and loud funky track. Cool trumpets and catchy melody. Tight kick and bass with synths makes this track modern and unique for the genre. Different part makes track extremely multifunctional.
Main Track 2:09 + Additional 1:32, 0:58, 0:36; Tempo: 106

3. Funky starts at 4:48
Groovy commercial high quality music with fresh sound in funky genre with modern elements and dancing vibes.
Main Track 3:02 + Additional 1:30, 0:40, 0:30, 0:34; Tempo: 113

4. Funky Pop starts at 7:50
Bright groovy music track with dynamic arrangement and upbeat mood.
Main Track 2:07 + Additional 1:02, 0:23, 0:33, 0:14; Tempo: 110

These tracks included to my unique collection.
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