Funky Pack 3

Funky Pack 3

This is groovy vintage Funk pack with a huge range of applications in presentation videos, films, animations, promo videos, event videos, corporate events, commercials, website presentations and even as backing instrumentals for vocalists and rappers. An upbeat funk groove track featuring electric guitars and brass.

Used instruments: guitars, bass, drums, brass and more.

Mood : uplifting, energetic, eager, enthusiastic, avid, spirited, rhythmic, invigorating, 100% corporate, strong, active and commercial.

What’s inside:

  1. Playful 1:57
  2. Repairs 3:30
  3. The Funk
    1. The Funk – Main Track (2:41)
    2. The Funk – Short version 1 (1:23)
    3. The Funk – Short version 2 (1:03)
    4. The Funk – Ident version (0:44)
    5. The Funk – Logo version (0:25)
  4. Uplifting Funk
    1. Uplifting Funk – Main Track (2:17)
    2. Uplifting Funk – No Vocals (2:17)
    3. Uplifting Funk – Logo Version (0:34)
    4. Uplifting Funk – Logo Version – No Vocals (0:34)

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