Funky Backgrounds Pack

Funky Backgrounds Pack

This is an extremely good value music pack containing four funk-style tracks that will be great for a wide range of projects, particularly when an unobtrusive but distinctive and catchy musical background is required. A number of variant versions are also provided (listed below), making this a highly flexible package that can be used in many different ways. The tracks are:

Retro Funk Background

This is a great sounding funk track in the style of James Brown. As well as the main track, there are four additional loop tracks, which can be extended and joined together in any order you like. The complete files provided are:

- Main track (MP3 and Wav) – 2:06
- Loop 1 – 0:08
- Loop 2 – 0:08
- Loop 3 – 0:08
- Loop 4 – 0:08

Funk Background

This is a highly catchy funky track with a slightly more modern feel. Two versions are provided:

- Main version (2:21)
- Version with additional synth melody line (2:39)

Funky Party

This is a catchy disco-style funk track with a memorable horn line and guitar synth solos. It is provided as a high quality wav file and a MP3 (2:37)

Slow Funky Groove

This is a slow and atmospheric funk track with a sensual feel. As well as the full version there are two loop versions, which can be repeated and combined together as required.

The complete file provided are:

- Full version (Wav and MP3) – 2:56
- Verses loop (Wav) – 1:03
- Chorus loop (Wav) – 0:42

If you would like a version of the original preview file without the watermark after making a verified purchase I would be happy to provide this on request.