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I’ve noticed that this sound has been the best-selling item by far. What makes this sound so appealing?

If anyone can tell me why this is such a popular item, I can use your feedback as a guide to help improve the quality of future items and expand upon this best-seller.

March 16th – I’ve remastered Explosion to make it sound clearer.

great work buddy :D

Nice, I had my speaker on high when I selected it!! Made me jump!!! LOL!!

Glad to hear it’s doing its job well. :)

Terrific item! Another wise choice of Audiojungle staff. Be of good courage! :)

Thank you! Great sound effect!

Glad you like it! :)

Thank you very much for this file!

You’re welcome!

Really nice explosion sound!

Thank you! Glad you like it. :)

Il have it, sounds good! :) Thank you

Hope it works out. :)

Excellent Work as always :D Good Luck with sales