About this Epic Royalty Free Music

Epic – is an inspiring and dramatic orchestral trailer music with intensive epic drums and powerful orchestral sound. Very aggressive and energetic strings in combination with massive dark brass sound bring you emotional epic atmosphere and feelling of drama and tension.
For this track i tried to create the atmosphere of dramatic and inspirational epic sound, that you can hear in movie trailers and youtube videos. Track gives you a feeling of aggressive tension, adrenaline, and deep drastic emotions. Orchestral cinematic arrangement of this track will inspire your client for confident heroic actions and will keep him in tension through the whole time of your emotional epic video.
This track will blow your mind with huge wall of percussion, strings, brass, choir and sound efects such as risers, whoshes hits etc. Percussion was composed with many types of orchestral instruments. Timpani, and taiko drums provide huge massive low end for battle drums and in combination with strong strings and brass section it’s a great solution to convey the atmosphere of heroic adventures and the spirit of intensive dramatic battle.
Possible ways where you can use my background music are: youtube video, slideshow, commercial advertising, gaming video, documentary presentation music and many more.

What You get, when you buy this track:
1.Epic (Main Version) (Duration: 2:31)
2.Epic (Main-No Choir) (Duration: 2:31) – [2:31 in preview]
3.Epic (Light Version) (Duration: 2:31) – [5:01 in preview]
4.Epic (Long Version) (Duration: 3:23) – [7:31 in preview]
5.Epic (Short Version) (Duration: 1:30) – [10:54 in preview]

Both WAV and MP3 formats are included in the zip file for your easy work.

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