Epic Rise

Epic Rise

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Epic cinematic track perfect for your trailer, intro teaser or emotional montage.

Its style is the one of my favourite artists, which include Thomas Bergersen and Two Steps From Hell, Clint Mansell, Audiomachine, Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer; it will nicely fit every project needing that heroic, dark yet beautiful, triumphant mood.

Epic Rise starts with a lonely piano and slowly grows up with spiccato and staccato violas, dramatic cellos and powerful, massive drums.

Hybrid impacts and apocalyptic choir give this piece a nice dark mood.
At 1:20 we have a short break just before the final part where the whole orchestra takes us to the end of the track.

Fun Fact: Epic Rise was used by NASA in one of their documentaries.

Do you need to edit this track in a modular way?

Check out Epic Rise Kit which contains 16 sections (with tails), to make you extend the track seamlessly and build your own epic track!
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