Epic Pack

Epic Pack

Epic Pack is a bundle of epic cinematic tracks.
This music pack consists of three tracks and many variations:

Epic Action Trailer

Link: Epic Action Trailer

Hybrid epic orchestral piece with strings, airy voices and pulsing synth bass. Creates heroic and epic mood for your project.

Included Files:
  • Mix A: Epic Action Trailer – Full Track (3:00)
  • Mix B: Epic Action Trailer – Short 1 (2:22)
  • Mix C: Epic Action Trailer – Short 2 (1:58)
  • Mix D: Epic Action Trailer – Short 3 (1:27)

Army of Warriors

Link: Army of Warriors

An epic cinematic track with vocals, strings and drums. Suitable for trailers, advertisements, YouTube videos, mobile game projects, motivational videos, extreme sport videos, films and cartoons, game teasers and more. Additional versions included for your ease montage.

Included Files:
  • Army of Warriors – Full Version (2:00)
  • Army of Warriors Light 1 – No Vocals (2:00)
  • Army of Warriors Light 2 – No Drums (2:00)
  • A Cappella – Only Vocals and a Pad (1:15)

Inspirational Trailer

Link: Inspirational Trailer

“Inspirational Trailer” is a hopeful, motivating piece that creates an uplifting and inspiring mood.
The trailer begins tenderly and unfolds into a full cinematic orchestral piece full of elevating emotions and positive feelings.

Included Files:
  • Inspirational Trailer (2:38)
Piano, Choir, Orchestra (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussions), Synth, Sound Design (Hits, Transitions, SFX etc).

All tracks in this pack are in both wav and mp3 formats.

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