Epic Pack 10

Epic Pack 10

Cinematic: Orchestra, Epic Pack

A collection of cinematic, epic, heroic, dramatic, action music soundtracks

Ingredients: Orchestra, Epic drums, Effects

Classic orchestral music is always the best choice for any kind of background. Since classic is based on harmony and natural human biorhythms, it brings beauty to your projects and doesn’t create any distractions. Unlike many modern popular genres, classic orchestral music does not suffer from minimalism and is very expressive and effective

What’s inside:

  1. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic
    1. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic – Full Track (2:14)
    2. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic – Drums & FX only (2:07)
    3. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic – No Drums & FX (2:13)
    4. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic – Short version (1:08)
    5. Electronic Inspiring Cinematic – Ident version (0:23)
  2. Epic Orchestral Melody
    1. Epic Orchestral Melody – Main Track (3:11)
    2. Epic Orchestral Melody – No Drums (3:09)
    3. Epic Orchestral Melody – Drums & FX only (3:10)
    4. Epic Orchestral Melody – Short version (1:47)
    5. Epic Orchestral Melody – Ident version (0:34)
  3. Fanfares Inspire Uplift
    1. Fanfares Inspire Uplift – Main Track (2:20)
    2. Fanfares Inspire Uplift – Short version 1 (1:22)
    3. Fanfares Inspire Uplift – Short version 2 (0:51)
    4. Fanfares Inspire Uplift – Ident version (0:36)
    5. Fanfares Inspire Uplift – Logo version (0:21)


Action, Epic, Fantasy

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