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Great stuff, love it!

Thank you Mr. Gecko ;)

Awesome track!!!!

thanks, this is my favourite piece that I wrote :)

Congrats with featured! You deserved it! Big track!

Thank you John! :)

Great work (veramente bello)!

Cool track! :) Your feature is well deserved! :)

Good luck! :)

Pavel “CHA!”

thanks Pavel:) ........ .... .... CHA!

Very good, professional work. :)

Thank you John!;)

Amazing track!

Thank you very much :)

Nice track, cheers :)

Thank you ;)

thank you!!

Forgot to say congrats on the feature! Well done dude, it’s a great piece, I’m sure Hans would love it :D

LOL I hope so :D thanks Sam

Almost missed this, fabulous work my friend!

Thanks a lot, dejans ;)

Love your work

Great lyrical melody! Love it!

Hey thanks Walperion :)

The first violin melody is so great, it’s almost sad, love it! Pitty that it doesnt get to the big ending and the track ends at the point where we wish and expect that big great finale with that violin melody. :)

Yes I know! Let’s say that it’s the “Radio Edit” :D

beautiful song , very nice :)

Hi Eric, thanks very much ;)

Great atmosphere. Really cool!