Epic Emotion Kit

Epic Emotion Kit

What is a MUSIC KIT?

A MUSIC KIT is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

All of the sections from my original file are included in this music kit. My three demos show some possible combinations for creating a long version, a one-minute version, and a 30-second version.

WAV files of all demos (unwatermarked)

This is Music Kit based on item Epic Emotion

A dynamic, atmospheric, epic track with the use of a symphony orchestra, female vocal, an arpeggio of a string section, a piano, ambient synth sounds and cinematic percussion. This track is perfect for sports, inspiration, epic movies and other your projects.

This track is included in The Epic Pack.

  • Epic_Emotion_Demo_1 (2:28)
  • Epic_Emotion_Demo_2 (2:28) (2:28 in preview)
  • Epic_Emotion_Demo_3 (1:45) (4:57 in preview)
Song section: 100 Bpm

01_Intro_A_1 (0:26) – Full version

02_Intro_A_2 (0:26) – Main version

03_Intro_B_1 (0:26) – Full version

04_Intro_B_2 (0:26) – Main version

05_Verse_A_1 (0:26) – Full version

06_Verse_A_2 (0:26) – Main version

07_Verse_A_3 (0:26) – Lite version

08_Verse_B_1 (0:26) – Full version (with Vocal)

09_Verse_B_2 (0:26) – Main version

10_Verse_B_3 (0:26) – Lite version

11_Verse_C_1 (0:19) – Full version

12_Verse_C_2 (0:19) – Main version

13_Verse_C_3 (0:19) – Lite version

14_Verse_D_1 (0:23) – Full version (with Vocal)

15_Verse_D_2 (0:23) – Full version

16_Verse_D_3 (0:23) – Main version

17_Verse_D_4 (0:23) – Lite version

18_End_1 (0:23) Full version (with Vocal)

19_End_2 (0:23) Main version

20_End_3 (0:23) Lite version

Epic_Emotion_Demo_1 (2:28) Created using song sections in this order: 01,03,05,08,11,14,18

Epic_Emotion_Demo_2 (2:28) Created using song sections in this order: 02,04,06,09,12,15,19

Epic_Emotion_Demo_3 (1:40) Created using song sections in this order: 07,10,13,16,20

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