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This song it’s really really awesome! =D I’m guitarist and I can only tell you: nice work! Check mi work maybe you pleases.

Hey! Thank you! About your track. Nice work. But I think if guitar was not so overdrived it would sale better. ;)

Thaks for your advice! =D

Hi – Love this track. I am using the first 40 seconds of this track as part of a dramatic opener for an informational product video. I need to find a complementary track to follow this that is more subtle so that I can add a voice over. Anything in your collection that you can recommend? I’ll need 3-4 minutes or something that can be looped. Thanks.

Hey! Glad that you like it! Well I have 1 similar track . And you may try some of my cinematic works. Like this or this . They are quite easy to loop.

Thanks – I appreciate the quick reply. The second and third ones may work well. Will give it a try. Cheers.

No problem! Just don’t forget to rate it. ;)

Nice piece of work! I love this track ;) I used it in an ice hockey playoff trailer. Check out my project:

Great trailer! Glad to here my music in it! Thx!

Wow! Great festival! Thanks for using my music! Don’t forget to rate. ;)

Wuhuuu thats amazing. Sounds clear und punchy. Nice Work! “The best System, is a good Soundsystem” ;) PA

True ;) Don’t forget to rate please.

Good work !! Like it !

Coooool! Great track!

If I wanted to use the song as background music for the intro on all my videos on one YouTube Channel which license would I need to purchase?

1 license – 1 video.

Damn! How good is that!? Awesome music, thank you! Here is my project in which I used it:

Hey! Thank you! Good video, nice girls ;)

Hello! I have a question. I’m interested in licensing this amazing song, but i’m planning on using it for a collaboration with another youtuber. This means both he and I are going to upload it. Is this going to be a problem with copyright?

Great! Thank you! :)

It’s done! Could you make sure we don’t have any licensing problems? It’s gonna be up on Gokuflex’s channel as well, thank you for this amazing track :D

Nice biceps over there :) . I will now add your video to my AdRev for no trouble with copyrigh. Thanks for purchase!

Hey here’s the unlisted video, please make sure we don’t have any licensing problems as stated above. Thanks!


(Sorry, I’ve used Google Translator.) First, I admire your great music. I will use this music in my youtube series. In the jungle say, (A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year.)<- It can be found. This happens even pay every year? Thank you.

Hello. 1 video – 1 license. 52 video – 52 license.

If I paid for this track… why am i getting a copyright warning from youtube when i use it in a video??!!!!!


If after the instuctions in that article you still have problems, you can write me again. I tryed to help you solved that problem.

i bought your music(standard license) and i used it for my youtube project, and i’m having licensing problem. please check this, solve the problem. sorry for poor english, and i love your music !

Solved! Thanks for purchase!

Great track!

Excellent work! Good luck with sales!