Epic Dub Step Pack

Epic Dub Step Pack

Epic and energetic dubstep tracks. Perfect to add motivational, energy or excitement to your work. In the track used: dub step drums, bass and keyboards, piano, violin section and the sounds of classical. Sounds great in:

epic commercials;
adventure videos;
energetic showreels;
presentation videos;
atmospheric timelapses;
motivation video;
sport videos;
action openers;
and others;

The package includes 3 tracks.

1. Dub Step Trailer Epic (2:32)

Dub Step Trailer Epic – 2:32
Dub Step Trailer Epic (short) - 1:33
Dub Step Trailer Epic (teaser) – 1:04
Dub Step Trailer Epic (Loop) – 0:14

2. Epic Metal Sport Dub Step (2:18)

Epic Metal Sport Dub Step.wav/mp3 - 2:18
Epic Metal Sport Dub Step (short).wav/mp3 - 0:59

3. Dub Step Epic Motivation (2:13)

Dub Step Epic Motivation – 2:13
Dub Step Epic Motivation (short) – 1:05
Dub Step Epic Motivation (teaser) – 0:37
Dub Step Epic Motivation (loop) – 0:13

Thank you for purchase! Don’t forget to rate it! Also I will be very glad to your feedback and comments! If you want to make changes to the track, just email me via the form on the main page profile! I’ll try to help you!