Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack

Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack

Powerful, beautiful and epic orchestral dubstep music pack for any modern projects!

Why this epic dubstep music pack is a profitable for you?

  • Flexibility: every track has 1 minute, 30 seconds and 1-2 exrta versions (you can hear all version on original tracks page, links are represented below) ;
  • Universality: wide range of applications ;
  • Huge discount!: 50%
Sounds great in:
  • epic commercials;
  • trailers and teasers;
  • presentation videos;
  • motivation video;
  • sport videos;
  • cinematic openers;
  • and any inspirational projects.
This item includes:
  • Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid (starts at 2:48 in preview);
  • Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep (starts at 6:13 in preview);
Original tracks:
  1. Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer: 3:01 (+3 exrta versions) Big, inspirational, active and contemporary music track. Electronic atmospheric synths, beautiful orchestral strings and brass, energetic dubstep drums, powerful orchestral percussion melted together in a most motivational tune you ever heard! Check it out!  :) This item includes:
    • Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer – 3:01 ;
    • Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer_1 minute – 0:59;
    • Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer_30 seconds – 0:30;
    • Epic Cinematic Dubstep Trailer_Loop – 0:06 ;
  2. Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid: 2:51 (+4 extra versions) Inspirational, epic and modern background music. Melodic orchestral strings, atmospheric electronic elements and powerful dubstep percussion merge into one here. This track is filled with motivation and energy!

    Featured instruments: beautiful atmospheric guitars, dusty synth, orchestral strings, powerful dubstep drums, rhythmic percussion, confident piano, deep and fat bass.

    This item includes:
    • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid_short- 1:35;
    • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid – 2:51;
    • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid_1 minute version – 0:59 ;
    • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid_30 second version- 0:29 ;
    • Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Hybrid_Loop version – 1:15;
  3. Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep: 3:08 (+3 exrta versions)

    The epic mix of cinematic orchestral music and powerful dubstep. This background music has huge motivational and inspirational potential! The track has heroic, upbeat, solemn mood.

    Featured instruments: low and fat bass, powerful and rhythmic dubstep drums, airy strings, bright chorus, dusty pads, atmospheric synths, confident piano.

    This item includes:
    • Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep_1 minute version – 1:00 ;
    • Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep – 3:08;
    • Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep_30 second version- 0:30 ;
    • Powerful Motivational Epic Dubstep_Loop version – 1:24;