Energy Day

Energy Day

A powerful energetic and uplifting tune with real piano, real guitar, strings, drums, bouzouki and organ. The song is made out of three parts: Intro – where we introduce the the mood of the song, The Verse – where the big string hit comes to stress out the main point of the content, the Outro – where a nice ending sums up the main points and optimistically ends the song.

It’s perfect for short commercials or videos.

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Finding the perfect song for your project can be difficult, especially when searching through thousands of songs! To make finding that perfect song quick and easy, I’ve sorted my portfolio

by MOOD, GENRE and USAGE! Now you can search the way that’s easiest for you. If you’re really in a rush, chech out my Top 10 best sellers of all time!

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Hey, happy to have you on my profile page! My name is Joze and I’m a music composer and also a film director currently living in the great city of Berlin, Germany. I love being creative and working in the field of music for the last 15+ years. My last 10 years were really fruitfull and made me win a lot of awards in the film and music industry.

I believe that the right music is the one that inspires, creates an unforgetable emotional state and touches people in such a way that they will come back again and again to get more of the amazing feeling. Every song that I upload to AudioJungle is made with care, profesional composing, polishing and producing it to the highest quality. I’ve learned that projects that can deliver information while inspiring it’s audience is a successful one.

I’ve been fascinated by music since my earliest memory. I started in as a band member in a rock band, moved to film music and music for commercials. So what are you still reading for? ... Go listen to some music already!

Energy Day - 3

I can help you promote your video!

I believe that it is the combination of a stunning project with great music that really makes it attract attention and sales! If you would like to use my music, I ask that you add music credits in your project if possible (if it uses any text) -I understand that for some projects this will not work – I do ask that if it can flow with the project that you add Music by ArtStation somewhere.

Also please have a link (like usual) in the description on the project page as well. If you would like, let me know in advance before your project is released so that I may help to promote it as well when it hits the front page. I will re-send your work as well as post an icon of your file on my profile page here AND for projects I feel are exceptional, I will add a large banner to the song page itself. Thanks again for your interest, I look forward to working with you!

Joze – ArtStation