Electronic Corporate Inspiring

Electronic Corporate Inspiring

Electronic Corporate Inspiring - 1

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Electronic Music Track For Youtube Video

Electronic by AMZA – fresh and air track is perfect for your inspirational, motivational or commercial projects! This cheerful background track is ideal for advertising, product reviews, announcements and entertainment events and other corporate videos for various lines of business, and maybe just for your inspiration, youtube, etc.
This Royalty Free Music track conveys a modern, youth mood, the mood of the inspired process of technological ideology. Overview of goods, cars, tours, hotels, and any products in general is an ideal perfect balance with this track.

Electronic Corporate Inspiring - 2

Music Instruments include Electronic Youtube Music

Atmospheric air pad, emotional piano, warm electronic bass, bright synth lead, cosmic percussion

Electronic three versions include:

1. Electronic Main – 2:25

2. Electronic Short – 1.40

3. Electronic Without Drum – 2:25

Another background music by AMZA

New background music by AMZA: –



Cinematic Trailer

Emotional Trailer


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Mega pack with this track:

Electronic Corporate Inspiring - 11

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Information for buyers

- You can address on any questions of cooperation or work, having written me the message on mail:

- If the musical track needs to be modified (to make longer, shorter, to accelerate or be slow, replace the tool and so on), also write to me, and we will discuss this question!

- After purchase I ask you to come into the “Downloads” and to vote for my musical track having noted it 5 stars

Electronic Corporate Inspiring - 20

Information for VideoHive autors

Hi Dears, VideoHive authors! You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects.

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