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Nice one, sir! :)

Thanks so much Andy :) Really appreciate you taking a listen mate.

Love the warm analog pad! Progression is awesome. Should be a winner for you :) Congrats !

Thanks Wes :) Really glad you enjoyed it mate. Hope all is well with you my friend and so grateful to be on your radar. Means a lot that you always take the time to listen to my stuff :)

Nice work Jamie! ;)

Thank you Luca! You are awesome for taking the time to listen and I’m very grateful bro. :)

Another great track my friend – this is my favourite of yours! :)

Thanks Graham :) Means a lot to hear that from you, my extremely talented brother in arms. :) It’s started to grow on me this track…

Superb JB!! Great track!

Thanks very much John! So nice of you to take a listen mate :)

Great job mixing those drums in, sounds perfect. This is A+ man!

Thanks mate. Much appreciated :)

This had my head bopping the whole time! Very uplifting :D

Thanks Sam :)

Thanks Leon! Much appreciated my friend.

Thanks vanmon! :)