EDM Pack

EDM Pack

Include Wave & Mp3

This pack perfect for: motion video, presentation, instagram video, youtube video, videohive projects, advertisement, commercials, promo video, action movie, tv, radio, Go Pro, background music and many more!

  • EDM Dance

    This is huge and bright Big Room house track!

    Instruments used: Fat and Loud bass kick, strong drop pluck and epic saw lead mixed with punchy drum rythm.

    • EDM Dance (Full 1:36)
    • EDM Dance (Cut 0:51)
    • EDM Dance (Loop 0:30)

  • Electro House Party

    Fat, bright and powerful bassline track.

    Instruments used: Wobble bass, electric pluck, and drums.

    • Electro House Party (Full 2:09)
    • Electro House Party (Cut 1:08)
    • Electro House Party (Loop 0:31)

  • Future Dance

    Bright, trendy festival banger here!

    Instruments used: Synth lead, electric bass, and pitched voice

    • Future Dance (Full 2:20)
    • Future Dance (Cut 1:20)

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