Fashion Beat

Fashion Beat

Dynamic Sport

Driving energetic music for dynamic videos. Featuring stylish bass and cool drum groove.

Breakbeat, funk, electronica, rock

Bass guitar, drums, synths, percussions, electric guitar

Suits for:
Active sport commercial slideshows, videos about cars, moto, catchy music for action gameplay, pursuits or chasing reels.

* Length
- 2:03 (need additional lengths? please contact me via:
* Easy to cut
* WAV + MP3 in ZIP
* Tempo – 127,5 bpm

Dear customers! I asked my friends what kind of association this track causes. Perhaps their answers will help you to imagine what kind of associations will help support the track among your viewers:
- “Your music is more suited to racing. Even the sounds of the motor comes to mind… By the way, something like the NFS track is similar in it!”
- “Interesting music. Fits to the sport. To parkour too.”
- “Comedy version of “Mission Impossible” – first Association.. Agent Johnny English :-)”
- “For some reason, I have an association with action and cars )”
- “oh! I am doing a sport project now – i see it well with it”
- ”...Pursuit, safe-breaking, some kind of tactical special forces operation or something like “Mission Impossible””

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