«Dubstep» is an exclusive electronic soundtrack in dubstep / brostep genre, that evokes feelings of energy, motion, dance and action. Best for sport video, car / moto advertising, sport motivation or extreme sports video. Archive includes high-quality WAV (for all versions) and MP3 (excepting loop versions) files, information PDF file.

Five versions included!:

Dubstep 140bpm (long version): 2:24

Dubstep 140bpm (medium version): 1:29

Dubstep 140bpm (short version): 0:34

Dubstep 140bpm (loop version 1): 0:27

Dubstep 140bpm (loop version 2): 0:27

This song was created for any commercial video projects. Also well suited for presentation of certain things – background documentaries, interviews, for use in the background for speech, podcasts, advertising of radioshow or nightclub. 3 versions with different length and 2 loop versions are excellent complement your video project and give you the best experience. Perfect For: TV or Radio advert, Youtube Video, Podcast, Film, Television, Science Video Background, Video Game Soundtrack, Social Media Marketing, School and College Work, Videohive Preview, Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone App, Business and Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Theme Tune, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Crowdfunding Video Background Music, Slide Show, Documentary Cinema, TV Promotion, Web Holiday and Vacation Videos, Sports Media, Party video, Showreel, Timelapse, Radioshow, Club Advertisement or presentation, Event Promo, Youth Video, Music / DJ / Dance Event Promotion, Background Gym Music, Design Promo Video, Vlog, MMA and Boxing Video and other projects.

Included Instruments: powerful beat, many bass synths, piano, synth fillers, arps, synths, fx and other instruments.

Videohive Authors!, you may use my previews free in your projects. I only ask you to link to this track in the description of your item. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message with a link to the final result of your project, so I can advertise your project too.

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