Drum Beat Kit

Drum Beat Kit

Drum Beat Stomp and Claps Kit

This Music Kit is based on my original AudioJungle item: Drum Beat

Perfect background for your daily vlogging / vloggs / vlog, video blogg, unboxing and product reviews, makeup and beauty tutorial, computer and technology tutorials, traveling, lifestyle advice, design, showroom, cars and super cars, fashion room, fashion models, store fronts and many more.

A Percussion is ready for broadcast use  :)

Perfectly fits for advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media, TV, slideshows or any other stylish projects. Also it can be used as logo or like motivation sounds for fitness or summer clubs.

Demo Guide included:

Demo Version:

Demo 1 (1:07)
Demo 2 (0:36)
Demo 3 (0:27)

Item pack:

In (0:02)
Intro_1 (0:04)
Intro_2 (0:04)
Verse_1 (0:04)
Verse_2 (0:04)
Verse_3 (0:04)
Verse_4 (0:04)
Chorus_1 (0:04)
Chorus_2 (0:04)
Chorus_3 (0:04)
Chorus_4 (0:04)
Break_1 (0:04)
Break_2 (0:04)
Chorus_5 (0:04)
Chorus_6 (0:04)
Chorus_7 (0:04)
Chorus_8 (0:04)
End (0:04)