Down The Needle Kit

Down The Needle Kit

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”Down The Needle Kit” – A light tune featuring rhodes keyboard, few synths and well fitted drums and bass grove. It features sampled vocals that count down from five to one. Great background for vlogging / daily vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, diet, cooking food, eating, makeup and beauty tutorial, lifestyle advice, unboxing and product reviews, computer and technology tutorials, digital marketing, traveling, cars, supercars, boats, boards and many more! The whole track has a vintage feel to it.

Now it comes as a Kit so take advantage of it. Arrange all sections easily, so they match the flow of your picture perfectly! Without expensive and time consuming editing jobs. Download the preview now and check it out!

Zip contains:

1_Down The Needle (Demo_1) – 0:26
2_Down The Needle (Demo_2) – 0:55
3_Down The Needle (Demo_3) – 1:24

01_INTRO_1 – 0:10
02_INTRO_1 – 0:10
03_VERSE_1 – 0:10
04_VERSE_2 – 0:10
05_CHORUS_1 – 0:10
06_CHORUS_2 – 0:10
07_BRIDGE_1 – 0:10
08_BRIDGE_2 – 0:10
09_VERSE_3 – 0:10
10_VERSE_4 – 0:10
11_CHORUS_3 – 0:10
12_CHORUS_4 – 0:10
13_OUTRO_1 – 0:10
14_OUTRO_2 – 0:10

Link to the original: Down The Needle !!

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