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Documentary Pack


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Documentary Pack is 3 inspirational, atmospheric, calm, motivation & emotional ambient documentary piano tracks.

This package is great for documentaries, slideshows, romantic video, advertising, st.valentine slideshows, inspiring video, travel shows, commercials, vlogs, corporate video, videohive project or any type of use
In tracks I used instruments:ambient piano, pads, synth, percussion.
Genres: Documentary ambient piano .
In this pack I included tracks:

Ambient Piano Documentary (0:00 preview):
Version 1 – (Length – 2:23) – full track

Documentary (2:22 preview):
Version 1 – (Length – 2:20) – full track

Ambient Piano Background (4:36 preview):
Version 1 – (Length – 2:14) – full track

I hope these tracks will help you create one of your perfect project: Documentaries, Romantic video, St.valentine slideshows, Nature video, Advertising and different publications, Corporate Use, Commercial use, Mobile Phone App, Upbeat, positive and optimistic video, Videohive Preview and Videohive Video, Viral Marketing Campaign, Business and Corporate Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Youtube Video Theme Tune, Background Music, Web project etc.

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