Digital Qualities Pack

Digital Qualities Pack

“4 beautiful melodic ambient tracks inside !”

This music pack contains of 4 beautiful ambient electronica tracks. Blissful blend of tiny nice electronic sounds and organic acoustic instruments. Soft emotional melodies and unobtrusive mood made this music perfect for hi-tech featured and timelapse for futuristic videos.

All of them was made with inspiration from technology, digital engineering, big world of computers and information flows. This pack can be used in various media projects such as slideshows, timelapse videos, ads, business presentations, background music, documentary films, websites etc…

Style: Ambient, electronica, dub, triphop, downtempo, chill, lounge.

Many additional versions included ! (if you want to listen additional versions you can do this on separate item page)


Abstract Element

  • “Abstract Element” full ver. – duration 2:13
  • “Abstract Element” short ver. – duration 0:49
  • “Abstract Element” loop ver. – duration 0:36
  • “Abstract Element” ident ver. (for logo) – duration 0:18

Upcoming Technology

  • “Upcoming Technology” full ver. – duration 1:20
  • “Upcoming Technology” short ver. – duration 0:32

Red Skies

  • “Red Skies” full ver. – duration 1:53

Pulsating Wave

  • “Pulsating Wave” full ver. – duration 2:05

All track are placed separate in both HQ mp3 and wav formats.

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